Cambridge & Ely Child Contact Centres

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Cambridge & Ely Child Contact Centre

Mobile Phone: 07812 157448

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Registered Charity
Number 1145344

Company Registration
Number 7464402

If you wish to use the services of one of our Contact Centres, please


    • contact the Co-ordinator to check whether a place is available (see 'how to contact us')
    • download and print our form and agreement here
    • complete and sign the form
    • sign both copies of the agreement 
    • send the signed documents to the Co-ordinator, together with a copy of the court order setting out contact arrangements (if one has been made for your family)
    • please remember you will need a large envelope and the correct postage when sending back your forms.  At the moment the correct postage is 74 pence for second class and 95 pence for first class.  If your envelope has the wrong postage on it your forms will be delayed or may not reach us at all.
    • arrange a pre-contact visit with the Co-ordinator.